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White Collar Criminal Defense

The attorneys at Bignault & Carter are available to assist you during all phases of prosecution from the grand jury stage through indictment, trial, sentencing, and if necessary the appeal. Too often, incriminating evidence is elicited based on a fear that non-cooperation will automatically result in an indictment, or based on speculation that cooperation will be rewarded. Criminal investigators are trained to extract information from inexperienced counsel and their clients who are generally predisposed or easily persuaded that cooperation is the best course of action. Cooperation may be appropriate in a particular case, but it should not be the first and only option. Bignault & Carter attorneys experience extends to counsel and representation of labor unions when labor officials are implicated in crimes involving union matters. They further have experience in representing labor officials or corporate officers in matters of accusations in reference to the union or corporate duties. Contact the attorneys at Bignault & Carter to fully understand your rights and privileges and to evaluate your defenses.

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